Brown and Jones argue that the new mayoralties and combined authorities, “cynically introduced” by the Tories since 2010 as an attempt to devolve the blame for austerity, have inadvertently “proved amenable” to leftwing politicians.

Cynthia Cruz, author of The Melancholia of Class recommends her favourite working class writers, including Didier Eribon, Mark Fisher, Jean Genet, and Clarice Lispector.

… degrowth and postgrowth advocates argue in favour of economic metrics and objectives that advance alternative modes of living, based on principles of sharing, conviviality, care and the common good.


Mishra excels at calling out intellectual vapidities, what he calls “pseudo-scholarship”. A recap of the history of human rights becomes a scathing catalogue of American military interventions… In a post-truth world, you read Mishra to clear the air, to make sense of our bewildering moment…

This wide-ranging history of the piano takes in everything from Bach, Haydn and Mozart to the the jazz styles of Joplin, Waller and Tatum

Throughout the collection, Chow’s passion for strangeness, for “the feminine sleaze” as she puts it, blazes through. Just as the women she heralds refuse to prune or polish themselves, she dismisses self-serious titans of lyricism in favor of the ecstatic “ooh” of disco…

“Yes,” [Clarice Lispector] writes in The Hour of the Star, “I have no social class, marginalized as I am. Yes, the upper class considers me a weird monster, the middle class worries I might unsettle them, the lower class never comes to me.”

Filled with a wealth of information and analysis. Due to the author’s engaging writing style, it is also eminently ­readable

Sicily Beguiles. It offers coves with limpid water; Greek temples… that are among the best preserved in the Mediterranean; a Roman amphitheatre at Taormina… grandiose Baroque palazzi; bustling street markets; some of the best food to be had in Italy…

Vivid … Taylor brings a close-knit community to life … meaty, inventive, powerfully moving work