About Yale Representation

Yale Representation has been selling books in the UK for nearly 30 years, enough time for us to proudly claim we are leaders in the field of specialist sales representation.

A particular feature of our service is our dedicated, head office-based sales management team who provide expert guidance and support to our publishing partners, our reps and to booksellers.

Our experienced reps hit the road armed with as much information as possible about the books they are selling, and match this knowledge with the needs of the bookseller.  Yale Representation has nurtured deep and long-lasting relationships with both publishers and book buyers, a union of interests which has borne substantial rewards for all involved.

We carry books on a remarkably wide range of subjects – art, history, politics, religion, biography, natural history, science, maps, music, and many others – and are experts at finding the markets for this range of topics. We do this by visiting all major retailers, museums, galleries, wholesalers, library suppliers and, of course, bookshops by appointment.

Above all, the Yale Representation team prides itself on its professionalism, efficiency and friendliness, qualities that have enabled us to flourish in the UK book market.

Our team

Andrew Jarmain

Head of UK Sales

Contact Andrew:
M: 07768 891574
E: andrew.jarmain@yaleup.co.uk

Lisa Kemmer

Sales and Operations Manager

Contact Lisa:
T: 020 7079 4900
E: lisa.kemmer@yaleup.co.uk

Marion Akehurst

Sales Executive & Rep for Scotland

Contact Marion:
T: 020 7079 4900
E: marion.akehurst@yaleup.co.uk

John Gall

Central, North & East London

Contact John:
M: 07809 349237
E: john.gall@yaleup.co.uk

Josh Houston

Southern England, Wales & London

Contact Josh:
M: 07803 012487
E: josh.houston@yaleup.co.uk

Sally Sharp

Northern England & North Wales

Contact Sally:
M: 07803 008218
E: sally.sharp@yaleup.co.uk

Matthew Wright

London, Oxfordshire & the Midlands

Contact Matthew:
M: 07803 012521
E: matthew.wright@yaleup.co.uk