Whether we see the primary cause as being postmodernism or cultural fragmentation, the intellectual consensus is that we don’t talk meaningfully to each other because we lack communal stories.

Wright makes the case for what’s wrong with capitalism, what would be better, and how to achieve it. This is the rare book that speaks to both the faithful and the unconverted. You could buy it for your sceptical uncle or militant cousin.

Paris was first referred to as La Ville Lumière in the 18th century, an allusion to its role as the locus of the Enlightenment. The name became prophetically apposite during the 19th century with the city’s embrace of the gas lights.

Readers of Jane Austen gain a clear idea of the task facing the daughters of gentlemen. They need to secure a husband who can enable them to keep or improve their social & economic status. But what about their opposite numbers?

Except for the silvery ripples created by the ship as it knifed through the dark-blue water, the Bohol Sea was dead calm. Then, as if from nowhere, two small fishing boats appeared and approached the ship to hawk their catch.

In the beginning is a child. A boy, no more than ten, perhaps younger, sleeping outside in the sun. Each time he opens his eyes he sees his mother first – and then, the world. Once or twice he catches her glance before falling asleep again.

As the world’s population ages (9% is currently over 65), we are faced with serious economic and social problems. This book of photographs by the US artist Isa Leshko draws us, anthropomorphically, in the world of old animals.

Bronx-born photographer Alvin Baltrop spent days on end documenting gay life at the piers lining Manhattan’s west side. At times, he did so while living in a van. Now, his intimate imagery, is finally receiving the attention it deserves.

All human life is there” used to be the boast of the (mercifully) defunct News of the World. Like everything else in that organ, it wasn’t true: the NoW specialised in randy vicars, chorus girls, Tory spankers and other minority sports.

In Sinan Antoon’s The Baghdad Eucharist, which was translated into English in 2017, the fault lines within an Iraqi Christian ­family are mapped and the individual struggles and shared strength of two of its members charted.