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University of Chicago Press

Since its origins in 1890 as one of the three main divisions of the University of Chicago, the Press has embraced as its mission the obligation to disseminate scholarship of the highest standard and to publish serious works that promote education, foster public understanding, and enrich cultural life. Through its books and journals, it seeks not only to advance scholarly conversation within and across traditional disciplines but, in keeping with the University of Chicago's experimental tradition, to help define new areas of knowledge and intellectual endeavor.

The Books Division of the University of Chicago Press has been publishing books for scholars, students and general readers since 1892 and has published more than eleven thousand books since the Press was founded. It has more than five thousand books in print at the present time, including such well-known works as The Chicago Manual of StyleThe Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn; A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean; and The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek.

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