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"Yale Representation is a highly professional team whose members embody expert knowledge of the book trade nationally and of the territories they represent individually. They have the extensive contacts necessary for effective sales. Having worked closely with Yale for many years, we have come to regard them as an extension of our own internal publishing team, frequently providing valuable advice across the list. That our books regularly attain such high visibility across the book trade is due to their diligent efforts."
--Samuel Fanous, Head of Publishing, Bodleian Library Publishing

"Giles de la Mare Publishers has been very fortunate to have been represented by Yale Representation since its foundation in 1995, and the dedication and commitment of its outstanding, impressively proactive sales reps have played an essential role in raising our profile with the book trade and with the general public, and in promoting our titles effectively to a wide range of bookshops and readers. This long-standing collaboration has been the key to the success of the company. It is a pleasure to work with Yale Representation.
--Giles de la Mare, Giles de la Mare Publishers

"We at Chicago are thrilled with the strides that Yale Rep has made to increase the reach and impact of our books in the UK.  Ever professional and highly organized, they demonstrate a deep and pragmatic understanding of their market as well as a commitment to both customer satisfaction and operational excellence."
--Micah Fehrenbacher, International Sales Manager, University of Chicago Press

"We took on Yale Representation in 2006 and since then have been consistently impressed with the depth and range of their account relationships and knowledge, which has lead to good sales in an increasingly difficult climate.  Indeed, Verso's rapid growth over the past few years is due in no small part to their professionalism and enthusiasm. And as a publisher of political books we have found Yale Representation's ability to respond rapidly to publicity an essential part of our sales process."
--Rowan Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director, Verso

"The passion, intellect and book-selling savvy of Yale Representation is second to none and a perfect match for Zed. They have consistently supported Zed’s list and ambitious vision with their practical feedback and responsiveness. We’ve seen some record growth in sales of late, and fully expect that to continue."
--Vidisha Biswas, Sales Director, Zed Books

"I have only good things to say about James Brook of Yale Representation! With so strong and diverse a client publisher base, there is never a shortage of fabulous books to show me, which he does with great professionalism and enthusiasm. Unstintingly helpful, ever ready to facilitate special offers and promotions, he is also swift to respond to any queries or requests."
--Richard Wood, Blackwells South Bridge

"I have been working with the sales team at Yale Representation for several years. My representative Sally is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about every new book she is promoting, as well as knowing the back catalogues of publishers in depth. The range of titles on offer is always varied and exciting and Sally is always on hand to make suggestions, point out key titles and also mention any books that will be receiving national publicity. We have received a huge amount of support to arrange in-store displays, offers and also put together author events at the shop. It is always a pleasure to welcome Sally back to the shop."
-- Billy Howorth, Carnforth Bookshop

"Twice a year, I look forward to discussing new titles and acquisitions with James Brook, Yale's representative in Scotland. His design interests shine, and his care for material and visual culture is always helpful, books well-considered and researched. Our small bookshop, with its discursive art-environment-literature focus, champions Yale, I.B Tauris and Verso titles whenever possible. Recently, James has brought other ranges to light which we like - some of the Manchester University Press titles, for instance. Yale Representation seem to keep character and quality in the process, something which deserves praise."
--Allan Harkness, Forest Bookstore, Selkirk

"I understand our Galleries have been working with Yale Representation for decades.  The lists on offer are a mainstay of our bookselling operations and like none other, have set the standard for quality, academic excellence and desirability. I have seldom had cause to turn down any titles offered to me by the Representative over the years, mainly due to the diligence of the Reps in working out a bespoke offer prior to their visit having researched our exhibition programme and sales profile. I detect in them a knowledge and a love for books which can only come from a knowledge of how hugely important they are.  I was slightly concerned when I heard Peter was retiring but delighted to discover James had taken over the responsibility, and he has maintained the very high standard to which we have been so lucky to become accustomed.”
--Colin Duncan, NGS Trading Company Limited, National Galleries of Scotland

I have dealt for many years with the Yale Representation sales team.  I can honestly say that I look forward to John's visit. The range of books is varied and exciting.  John knows what we can sell and will always point out a title that I might overlook. He is always efficient in dealing with event stock whether it is for Verso or Yale. Thank you Yale Representation for your many years of support."
--Vivien Archer, Newham Bookshop

"I have been working with Sally Sharp for a good three years now and she is making a substantial difference to our museum.  She always thinks about potential stock with me and has gone out of her way to have a good understanding of the museum and its themes so she can suggest a range of titles that are appropriate to our site.  This makes my job a lot easier.  I need never worry about overlooking a title from her portfolio as she will already have thought about it for me."
--Janneke Geene, People’s History Museum

"Quite simply, having the help and back up of your Central London representative, Matthew Wright,  makes the selling of Yale Representation’s books even more of a pleasure.  Whether it is giving us advance notice of titles, providing proof or reading copies or just being a sympathetic and proactive voice at the end of a phone line, he is the very positive face of your company. I cannot emphasise enough how important this human contact is in this digital age and how much it influences the books we stock and recommend."
--Venetia Vyvyan, Venetia Vyvyan Books

"I have been meeting the Yale representative Sally Sharp for a number of years and this relationship is crucial to the success of our book shop.  Always knowledgeable and keen to help, Sally actively researches titles for us and offers suggestions of possible related titles when we have specific exhibition needs, as well as checking the back list stock for something essential which we may no longer have in.  Sally is a key sales representative for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and is always a pleasure to deal with."
--Amanda Peach, Yorkshire Sculpture Park