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John Gall

The pull of Yale has proved impossible to resist and I'm back with the Press for my second spell, having previously been London rep between 1998 and 2005. Immediately prior to joining Yale I worked at the august and charming Dillons Bookstore on Gower Street. The characters I met there, booksellers, customers and sales reps alike, secured my sense that the book trade was my natural home. Book people were, and still are, largely curious, open-minded folk and I cherished this after a less exciting period in my early 20s working in the insurance industry. I like suits; 'suits' perhaps less so. And speaking of suits, my love of clothes, or my 'impossible vanity' as my partner would put it, gained a literary expression when I co-authored a book called 'The Ivy Look', a humble tribute to the joys of the traditional American male wardrobe. Serendipitous then to be plying my trade at an Ivy press. While I was working at Dillons I also studied for 4 years over on Malet Street at Birkbeck College to gain a BA Humanities degree. Returning again to Bedford Square, it strikes me that my mature self has been shaped largely within the confines of London WC1. Between my Yale spells I also worked for 7 years with Frances Lincoln Publishers.


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