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Welcome to the Yale Representation Ltd website

on Tue, 06/28/2016 - 09:01

We are a sales agency that is dedicated in its support of the bespoke publishers we represent and the numerous bookshops we visit.

Our list is diverse and ranges from the esoteric to the zeitgeist. We have books on politics, history, gardening, art, literature; there are doodling books, maps, guides to Britain, histories of philosophy and language … it is a long list, indeed.

We can guarantee the quality of these titles despite the vibrant range on offer.

The Sting of the Wild featured in the Guardian

on Tue, 06/21/2016 - 11:47

Ever wondered what it’s like to be stung by an artistic wasp? (This being an actual insect species of the order Hymenoptera, as opposed to a Turner-nominated waspish type with a vendetta.) “Pure, then messy, then corrosive,” according to entomologist Justin Schmidt, otherwise known as the King of Sting. “Love and marriage followed by divorce.” Or what about something with a little more bite? Like the sting of the fierce black polybia wasp, which apparently feels like “a ritual gone wrong, Satanic. The gas lamp in the old church explodes in your face when you light it.”

Now that summer is sort

Morbid Symptoms reviewed in the Guardian

on Fri, 06/10/2016 - 11:50

Ramadan is again being overshadowed by violence across the Arab world. From Iraq to Libya, through Syria and Yemen, armed conflict, proxy wars, sectarian tensions, misery and suffering are rife. In a previous book on the region, Gilbert Achcar warned of the risk of a plunge into barbarism; his latest work is an update on the bleak winter that followed the Arab spring - with some ideas about the future.

Expectations of rapid change on the East European model were always exaggerated, argues the Lebanese-born academic.